Elizabeth Poole on the Exhibition

Gabriel and I have collaborated on numerous housing projects integrating a client’s briefs with varying aspects of  architecture and the natural environment.

This is however the our first gallery exhibition together, the initial theme was set by us and our friend Corrie Wright created the hypothetical brief for a multi-generational housing concept. From all of that, what you see on the walls has evolved over many months.

Apart from having a degree of input into the housing project – it became apparent to me that my work for this show was in the portrayal of the many and varied aspects of family – whatever structure that may take – the good the bad and the ugly – and everybody I have spoken to or observed has experienced all of those in some way within their families – whereas Gabriel’s take on families is a bit Von Trapp and he will agree with this – I have tried with this series of works to align with the day to day struggle of highs and lows – in families of all persuasions

I am interested in the sorts of lives that people can experience in and beyond a complex such as the one Gabriel has designed …….places where souls can play…….

I am deeply grateful for the access and opportunity to work with and/or  exchange ideas with architects such as Gabriel, Tim Bennetton and the Clares, who are all highly creative while utilising both sides of the brain, as averse to often one dimensional art practitioners.

Another great benefit has been working with fabricators – namely Barry Hamlet and his team – who we’ve met and worked with through the architectural work – they have shown me much in the way things go together and realising possibilities of materials –

A further beneficial facet in collaborating on architectural gigs has been the aspect of working with people rather than just by and for myself – where I am obliged to think of embellishing the lives of others without compromising my own principles

When we look at indigenous and traditional cultures we see that art was and is a part of everyday life – It wasn’t separated as a precious and clever thing that some people could do while others are considered artistically inept –  Creatively devised and embellished food, cooking and eating utensils, clothing, dwellings were all part of people’s lives from an early age, as were dance and story telling – extreme occupational specialisation wasn’t prevalent  – I like the idea of an holistic mindset where the arts of all persuasions cross-fertilise each other and I like the idea of the generations sharing all of this from every aspect of acquired knowledge & experience.

– Elizabeth Poole –

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