About GEPDC and Tim Bennetton

Tim originally came to work for Gabriel as a very overqualified ‘student’ in the GEPDC student program as it was the only position available at the time. He soon became Gabriel’s second in command at the office and a close personal friend of both Gabriel and Elizabeth. Over the course of his time at GEPDC his aesthetic affinites and working compatibility with Gabriel and Elizabeth have fostered a fruitful and ongoing collaboration of the three.

The New Small House Series are designed with specific budgetary requirements in mind and have evolved out the Capricorn 151 design. The genesis of the series is the Shed House design the first of which Gabriel and Elizabeth designed for themselves with the help of steel fabricator Barry Hamlet. The original design is a two bedroom plan which has been extended to include a three bedroom model. Gabriel is continually working on new and updated models to add to the range. He is happy to customise designs to accommodate client’s individual requests as long as they are inside the specifics of the building system. Basic costs of designs shown in the New Small House Series (e.g Toogoolawah Offices) can be provided upon request although final costing will be dependant on location and site conditions. A list of builder’s inclusions is also available on request. We plan to keep the operation to a limited number of houses each year to ensure high quality detail and design.