Generational House – Through Rose Coloured Glasses

In introducing my contribution I find that it is important to air what has developed from my initial concepts. The add ons which follow are to me extremely important , like most things I do, the the time I finish I can see a better way and would really like to start again.

I only became well involved with Malcolm (my dear old urban planning mate) after I was a long way down the track.
His observations guided me to these conclusions.
It would be desirable to have the Grandparent’s accommodation on a separate block or at least under strata title.

Working with Malcolm on Land Use/sub-division and zero lot lines the conclusion I have come up with are my interpretations from the the advice he has given.

  • I would propose to sub-divide basically into 2 lot packages, providing 1m wide easement to both lots on the outside extremities.

This would then set up effectively 2m wide lane ways between packages.

My proposal would use one lane-way as vegetable gardens shared by the 2 adjoining lots with vines and fruit trees espaliered to available high walls of the houses and providing at one end a small stall.

If each lot grew different crops, the garden could probably feed a community.

  • Self sufficient for much of their fruit and vegetables.
  • every second 2m lane could be landscaped and used as small parks with the facility to be locked off at night.
  • As I developed my design, I kept varying the Bedrooms to make them more private and self-sufficient.
  • As they now have a cooking facility, Malcolm pointed out that each bedroom had effectively become a Bed-Sit and as such could be strata titled.
  • with home ownership becoming increasingly out of reach for the young, maybe this provides an alternative, where by an outlay affordable, a child could purchase his/her Bedsit and at least experience the joy and security of ownership.

For a like-minded group of people wishing to have shared living this would seem to be a pretty good solution.

With this comes the realisation that I am really only creating a variation on strata units, but I do feel I can create more variety and privacy while still retaining a family unit.

What I see people being able to get out of this is really only limited but the imagination.

The possibility of creating “places where souls can play” is obtainable.

With the adoption of the “Small House” principles and overlaying first and ground floor modules and 90 degrees or various offsets, light and shade varies at ground level and together with careful positioning of modules stimulating and intimate spaces will be created.

Living with Architecture should be restful, stimulating and fun, if it is not, for me the Architecture has failed.

I would like to give thanks to-

Lizzie, Mary and Janene, Lindsay, Tim Bennetton the office, Baz and Mal, Corrie, Friends and Family, Ryan Bunn and Sophie Sachs.

To see some of annotated preliminary sketches of Generational House follow this link –  Annotated Preliminary Sketch Design

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