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The Dobie Cabin as viewed from what will be the entry


 This tiny 50 sq m cabin will be constructed from 3 x 6m shipping containers plus a 1200mm wide clerestorey  module which is under the blue tarp





Insulation applied to the outside container walls.



An exciting start to the construction phase.

One of the joys of working out of a factory is being conscious of the speed of construction under ideal conditions.








The clerestorey module is our method of expanding the narrow space of the container, creating a strong focus to the building and leading gentle light into the bedroom and living room.










The bathroom module is designed to accommodate fully accessible space for the disabled. The client has requested a bath and this is being placed in the alcove module you see being attached to the building.


The Dobie Cabins – Design Stage

In designing 'THE DOBIE CABINS' series I see these houses as suiting all ages and stages of lives of people who want living to become a beautiful experience. The usual approach to affordable housing is to keep things on a large scale but strip the soul out by making it more and more mediocre. By keeping to...

Elizabeth Poole on the Exhibition

Gabriel and I have collaborated on numerous housing projects integrating a client's briefs with varying aspects of  architecture and the natural environment. This is however the our first gallery exhibition together, the initial theme was set by us and our friend Corrie Wright created the hypothetical brief for a multi-generational housing concept. From all of that,...

Generational House – Through Rose Coloured Glasses

In introducing my contribution I find that it is important to air what has developed from my initial concepts. The add ons which follow are to me extremely important , like most things I do, the the time I finish I can see a better way and would really like to start again. I only became well...